• Flexion Receives Horizon 2020 Funding for Open Platform

    July 14, 2016

    14th of July, 2016 – Flexion Mobile, the company that promotes an open ecosystem for mobile games, announced that it has been awarded up to €1.9 million in grant funding from Horizon 2020 - Europe’s largest research and innovation programme.

    Flexion has been awarded the grant to support the creation and roll-out of an open distribution and affiliate programme - project name: Gamesmondo.

    Bernd Reichert, Head of Unit SMEs Horizon 2020, EASME commented: “Like all beneficiaries, Flexion is a leading innovator with a great track record in its field and was awarded its grant on these merits and the strength of the project. Horizon 2020 aims to drive innovation, competitiveness and economic growth in Europe. Companies such as Flexion play a crucial part in helping us achieving this. “

    Flexion has established a market-leading position for enabling technology and offers Android game developers an easy and cost-effective way to reach users in new channels without requiring any development. The freemium model with in-app purchases has proven to be very costly to operate for game developers and the majority have never left the over-crowded Google Play store. As a result, their games fail to be discovered by users.

    Flexion addresses these problems with its distribution platform which unifies each individual distribution point to create a viable opportunity for game developers to reach greater volumes of users. Through the use of its patent-pending technology, Flexion enables services like in-app payment solutions, game updates and download hosting to ensure that game developers can transition seamlessly from a single store into a wider ecosystem.

     “We see a future with a fully open market for Android games which does not rely on discovery and distribution through a single store. Getting this funding from Horizon 2020 proves the viability of our model and shows that they share our vision. It will allow us to accelerate our roll-out of partners, features and distribution channels”, says Andreas Mac Mahon, the company’s project coordinator and co-founder of Flexion Mobile.

    Flexion is already working with a range of distribution partners across the globe and some of the top game developers, including 4 of the top 10 most-downloaded games.

     “Competition for Horizon 2020 grant funding is intensely fierce – and especially for SMEs in our sector. Only a handful of companies get funded for each call and being part of that select group is something we’re immensely proud of”, concludes Mac Mahon.

    About Horizon 2020

    For more information on Horizon 2020 – go to:

    About Flexion Mobile

    Flexion Mobile is a pioneer in mobile games monetization and distribution. The company was founded to help games developers drive success in the rapidly evolving mobile games industry. The company is one of the original in-app monetisation enablers, paving the way for what today is commonly referred to as the Freemium model. Thanks to its unique, patent-pending enabling technology and market-leading experience, Flexion has served over 550 million users since inception.

  • Flexion Raises $3m to Open Up the Market for Mobile Game Distribution

    May 05, 2016

    Flexion Mobile Limited, the company that promotes an open ecosystem for mobile games announced that it has raised $3m from a group of high-profile tech investors to help game developers expand distribution to new markets and Android distribution platforms.

    Flexion has established a market-leading position for enabling technology and offers Android game developers an easy and cost-effective way to reach new users without having to rebuild their games – all through the use of its innovative wrapper. The freemium model with in-app purchases has proven to be very costly to operate for game developers and the majority of them never leave the crowded Play store - therefore failing to  get discovered by users. The reverse of this is that there are many distribution platforms, with large volumes of users, who simply cannot gain access to freemium games since the individual opportunities are not cost-effective for game developers. Flexion addresses these problems with its patent-pending technology which allows for mass distribution of one and the same version in any new channel, with little to no effort needed from game developers.

    “We are super-excited about the future of game distribution and we believe the app store model as we know it will become obsolete in the future – to be replaced by new, more intelligent, discovery platforms. We sit between game developers and discovery platforms and allow the ecosystem to grow without dependency on an over-crowded, and closed app store.” said Jens Lauritzson, the co-founder and CEO of Flexion.

    Flexion is working with a range of distribution partners and some of the top game developers such as Kiloo, Funplus, Gumi, Disney, EA, Halfbrick Studios, and Seriously.

    “The market for Android games has seen tremendous growth and is now entering its second phase - where developers focus on monetization and discovery. It is simply not enough to launch a good game with a limited marketing budget in Google Play. You have to explore all options and focus on where others are not crowding you out.”

    “We are seeing opportunities everywhere - in new and emerging markets such as Iran and in established markets such as Korea where local app stores are looking for Western developers. India is poised for super growth on Android and will soon become the second-biggest Android market worldwide. New technologies that facilitate content delivery or so-called virtual preloads are also gaining a lot of traction with OEMs and carriers, who need to monetize their users.

    Distribution is clearly becoming more complex and fragmented as Android keeps evolving and we are positioned to help developers capitalise on this” concluded Lauritzson.