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Staying popular across a range of app stores is key to building revenue for FunPlus

The mobile gaming market is constantly changing, says publisher and developer FunPlus. It believes a game’s success depends on being totally on-trend. The ability to respond quickly across app stores is vital in maintaining a game’s revenue flow. “User preferences shift rapidly,” said a FunP
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DECA Games achieves 80% revenue increase on alternative app stores

Leading developer DECA Games saw its game’s revenue increase as much as 80% thanks to Flexion. The developer chose Flexion to publish and market its hit game, Gods and Glory on the alternative app stores, like the Huawei App Gallery and Amazon App Store. Growing Revenue Artem Permyakov, senior pro
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GDC: developers talk about improving returns and pain-free ways to market new games

All the headlines at GDC (Game Developer Conference, San Francisco) last month were about AI and Facebook and Epic. But on the floor, there was another trend under discussion. Developers are becoming increasingly concerned about how hard it is getting new games to market. — by Jens Lauritzson, CEO
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How to keep your revenue up in a post-privacy gaming world

In the first part of this blog, Jens Lauritzson, Flexion CEO, looked at how new privacy rules in iOS and Google are reshaping the landscape for developers, making it tougher to reliably acquire paying users. Here he offers some short- and long-term strategies for adapting to the coming seismic shift
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