DECA Games achieves 80% revenue increase

Leading developer DECA Games saw its game’s revenue increase as much as 80% thanks to Flexion.

The developer chose Flexion to publish and market its hit game, Gods and Glory on the alternative app stores,

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What it's like working for

Working at Flexion is like being part of one big team.

One where we challenge ourselves to meet ambitious goals. Where we understand the business targets. Where we're not afraid to share what we know with one another.

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Distribution Platform

Global Distribution

One relationship offers access to all distribution channels​

Full Service

Outsourced management of channels, updates, pricing, customer support​

Automated Enabling

No changes to your Google Play version required when using our automated integration process​

Trusted Developer Partner

We work with most of the top games and brands in the industry​


Our open and global distribution platform for android games offers new opportunities for you as a developer. Your games can now easily reach the whole market without requiring you to integrate and operate multiple channels at prohibitive cost. We let you focus on what you do best while we offer services and technology that maximises your revenues. It’s our mission to help you succeed with new distribution!


Initial Set Up

  • Onboarding / assisted integration / testing
  • Market & game knowledge
  • Commercial evaluation / advice


  • Dedicated operations team
  • Game updates / testing
  • Technical support


  • Support for app store & generic payment services
  • Promotion & merchandising support
  • User acquisition

Analytics / Reporting

  • Consolidated online reporting
  • Data handling tools for fragmented store data
  • Enhanced analytics


  • Regulatory & legal
  • VAT / withholding tax handling
  • Customer support & refund handling


  • Support for multiple payment methods
  • Fraud prevention
  • Revenue assurance team