An open world for games

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An Open World for Games means new opportunities for mobile game developers and distribution channels. It means reaching the whole market and giving local and new players a chance to contribute and grow the ecosystem. It means new opportunities for great games without requiring massive investment or advertising budgets and - most importantly - more choice and better value for consumers. 

At Flexion, our mission is to open the market for mobile game distribution and make gaming less about CPI and more about quality and customer value.

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Game Developers

Make games independent of distribution platforms

Launch and monetise in high-growth emerging countries

Distribute to an open market of OEMs, carriers and app stores

Automated enabling minimises impact on production costs

A single game version distributed everywhere

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Distribution Affiliates

Access to the strongest games catalogue

Exclusive offers to build value, loyalty and differentiation

Automated tools for developers to integrate your payments

Benefit from outsourced game developer programmes

Access to in-game analytics and performance data