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In reference to the Huawei/Google news this week Redeye wrote this about Flexion

Google will stop providing Huawei with support for Android and Google services. The move was made in response to a U.S. order restricting companies’ ability to trade with Huawei due to security concerns. Read our comment on how it likely will affect the company. However, the U.S. government on Mon
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First analyst coverage of Flexion Mobile

Redeye initiates coverage of the gaming company Flexion Mobile. Flexion offers investors a high-growth platform play on mobile gaming that keys into the growing shift away from the Apple/Google duopoly. Its technology-driven service allows game developers to easily distribute their products through
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Niklas presents Flexion on Avanza Capital Markets Day in Stockholm

See our CFO Niklas Koresaar present Flexion on Avanza Capital Markets Day in Stockholm​ here.
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Video Interview with Flexion CEO after Samsung Partnership Announcement

Video interview with our CEO in San Francisco just after we announced our important partnership with Samsung at Samsung Developer Conference. (In Swedish)
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