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The “Other” Android App Stores – A New Frontier for App Discovery”

[Original Post: The “Other” Android App Stores – A New Frontier for App Discovery]
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Svenskt börsbolag landar avtal med Xiaomi

[Original Post: Svenskt börsbolag landar avtal med Xiaomi] Flexion hjälper spelutvecklare att komma in i appbutiker utanför Apple och Google Play. Svenskgrundade teknikbolaget Flexion Mobile, med säte i London, har tecknat ett distributionsavtal med mobiltillverkaren Xiaomi, enligt ett pressmed
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Flexion mobile in the top 5 of London’s most valuable Gaming startups

[Original post: Top 10 in Tech: London’s most valuable Gaming startups ] We’re looking at the most valuable startups coming out of London. This week, we’re checking out startups making a pretty penny in the gaming industry. The ascendance of gaming in the entertainment secto
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Huawei sanctions: A wake-up call, says Flexion Mobile’s CEO

[The below is an edited and translated version of an article which originally appeared here on] (Finwire)  8 June 2019 The London-based technology company Flexion Mobile – which was listed on First North a year ago – recently attracted keen attention following its conclusion of a se
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