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Flexion Mobile: More Positive Signals from Management

The result in the quarter was already communicated due to the positive profit warning on July 15. The quarterly record high result is only partly due to a positive impact from COVID-19, more importantly, this strong financial development is due to network effects according to us. A positive momentum
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Flexion Mobile: Strong getting stronger

Flexion Mobile today released a trading update, as revenue grows faster than expected. The rapid growth is according to the company due to the stronger game portfolio and of course a general upswing in the mobile games market. Compared to our previous estimate the initial growth took somewhat longer
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Flexion Mobile: Interview with CEO Jens Lauritzson (video call)

Flexion Mobile reported financial results, for the first quarter of the calendar year, where revenues exceeded our expectations. Sales are expected to grow by 50% on a quarterly basis April-June, and the Corona effect will of course be significant. However, the improvement of the gross margin was th
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Flexion Mobile: CFO Niklas Koresaar presents at Gaming Day 2020

See Flexion’s CFO Niklas Koresaar present Flexion at Gaming Day 2020 over at
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