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Flexion Mobile: Interview with CEO Jens Lauritzson (video)

In the Q2-report Flexion has already fulfilled its financial target of a positive adjusted EBITDA, two quarters early. Tomas Otterbeck at Redeye has interviewed CEO Jens Lauritzson. We talk about Huawei that has already become Flexion’s biggest distribution partner. The high growth from both Europ
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Flexion Mobile: Continued Growth Momentum is Expected

Redeye have increased its growth projections significantly from a three years perspective in Flexion Mobile. Alternative Android App Stores will continue to rise for years to come we believe, and Flexion is in a good position for this market change. We raise our fair value range and our base case. D
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Flexion Mobile: Interview with CFO Niklas Koresaar (video)

Analyst Tomas Otterbeck at Redeye interviewed CFO Niklas Koresaar following the quarterly report. We asked about the record-high financial result, COVID-19 impact, the cash-position. We also talked about the two new financial targets for this fiscal year, regarding the game portfolio and profitabili
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Flexion Mobile: More Positive Signals from Management

The result in the quarter was already communicated due to the positive profit warning on July 15. The quarterly record high result is only partly due to a positive impact from COVID-19, more importantly, this strong financial development is due to network effects according to us. A positive momentum
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