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Flexion Mobile: Interview with CFO Niklas Koresaar (video)

Redeye had a chat with Flexion’s CFO, Niklas Koresaar, following the massive deal that Flexion just signed. We discuss the structure of the deal and Flexion’s increased bargaining power on the market among other things. Original Post: Redeye
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Flexion Interview: Tailwinds from China and IDFA (video)

Flexion Mobile’s CFO Niklas Koresaar was interview by Redeye’s Tomas Otterbeck following the Q2-report. We discussed the management’s expectations on Flexion’s biggest game yet that was recently signed. Other topics were decreasing lead times, China regulations, Apple´s IDFA, and the two ne
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Flexion Mobile Interview: Balanced Growth Across the Board (video)

Redeye interviewed CFO Niklas Koresaar following the Q3 results. We discuss the main drivers for their growth momentum, boosts related to COVID-19, future gross margins, so-called Minimum Guarantees, and planned new investments after the successful fundraising. Original Post: Redeye
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Q3 Report – 31 December 2020

Flexion reports another record-breaking quarter. Third quarter revenue up by 176% and gross profit increases by 223%. This is the third consecutive quarter with reported positive adjusted EBITDA‡. The full report is available to download here October 2020 to December 2020 performance Total r
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