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Samsung UDP switch-off is actually an opportunity to improve game marketing

Platform relations are more important than tech decisions when you want to reach players on alternative app stores, argues Jens Lauritzson, CEO of Flexion Mobile. Samsung’s decision to remove their store from the Unity Distribution Platform (UDP) was probably largely commercial but it will leave s
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Flexion partners with 37Games to release Puzzles & Survival on Amazon, Samsung and Xiaomi

Flexion Mobile has revealed a new partnership deal with Chinese developer 37Games to launch Puzzles & Survival on Amazon, Samsung, and Xiaomi. Having launched in August 2020, Puzzles and Survival is a free-to-play match-three game that generates around $16 million a month on Google Play. Sinc
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Developers on Flexion’s platform see a 10% boost in revenue

Flexion has reported that Android developers using its platform have seen revenue increase by an average of 10 per cent. This figure comes after a review of Flexion’s Q3 performance, and applies to games that Flexion has brought across from Google Play to other platforms in the past 6 months. Cur
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Flexion Mobile: Interview with CFO Niklas Koresaar (video)

Redeye had a chat with Flexion’s CFO, Niklas Koresaar, following the massive deal that Flexion just signed. We discuss the structure of the deal and Flexion’s increased bargaining power on the market among other things. Original Post: Redeye
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