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“This is why Flexion Mobile is part of a billion Dollar Industry”

An exciting interview with Flexion’s CFO Niklas Koresaar from the Swedish site investerardygnet (in Swedish). Watch the full interview here.
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Flexion Mobile PLC – report from AGM

Note: This is an in-house translation of a news article originally published in Swedish on Go here to read the original article. STOCKHOLM (Direct) The market for mobile games is changing, partly due to regulations and partly through the arrival of new players who change the rules.
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Flexion comments: Why would you ever place all of your eggs in one basket?

Flexion helps developers minimize this risk by working on more channels. Being too dependent on Google Play means that they are exposed to technical bugs, changes in policies and other unexpected events. Yesterday PocketGamer ran a story reporting on a large drop in downloads in Google Play after a
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Interview with Flexion’s CEO

Head over to our YouTube channel to catch the latest interview with Flexion’s CEO. Watch the video here.
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