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Courtney Robinson
FP & A Manager

Courtney talks about Flexion’s support of employee professional development, her major role in Flexion's acquisition of Audiencly (an influencer marketing agency) and how she likes to spend her time when she's not working (hint: she’s a dog person).

Angelo Simon
Campaign Manager at Audiencly

Angelo talks about how he achieves his professional goals within a company where he can be himself and feel at home while having a ton of fun.

Janet Wang
Sales Manager

Janet talks about why she thinks Flexion has a great future, what she thinks about the alternative app stores and her favourite hobbies.

Ja'van Kinghorn
Business Intelligence Analyst

Ja'van on how he likes working at Flexion because it's so international and everyone supports each other so well to get the work done.

Andres Canaveral
Senior Influencer Manager at Audiencly

Andres talks about how everyone at Audiencly is so open and shares what they know. For Andres, dedication is what makes dreams come true.

Khadija Madari
HR Manager

Khadija talks about why she loves working at Flexion, the best work advice she's ever received and her favourite quote.


If you want to make a real impact in the mobile tech industry, Flexion is the place for you. At the heart of Flexion's enabling solution is our patent-pending automated bytecode modification engine... the Flexion wrapper. We wrap and distribute some of the world's most popular apps, and we do it on a massive scale. We have distributed thousands of games have processed over a billion transactions - and this is just the beginning!

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